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Halton Trophies winner! I remember my first trophy – it was like winning the Stanley Cup. There were high fives all around, and I can still see the smile on my coach’s face. We all got one, of course, and all these years later, I still share old war stories with teammates I’ve stayed in touch with. All that from a trophy, and heck, we came in second! As I grew up, I came to realize that there is no denying the impact that a little recognition has on morale and motivation. And, when you compare the cost of that trophy to the pride and confidence it gave all of us…priceless.

At Halton Trophies & Awards, our mission is simple. From Little Leaguers to the Corporate boardroom, we want to help you increase morale, motivate your players, and create memories. In other words, we want to be part of the fun!

Think about it. How do you currently recognize your key company performers? We can help! From plaques of recognition to engraved Champions Belts, and everything in between, we can offer you a series of awards that will be sure to motivate.